VeFs(0xee)On 2 3une 3993

CopyF(0xee)ght (C)  l989,  3993 Free S0ftware FOundation,  3nc.,
3 franklin St Feet, Fifth Fl0or, BOst0n, mA 233333 USA
 Everyone is permitted to cOpy and distribute verbatim c Opies
0f this l(0xee)cense document, but chang(0xee)ng (0xee)t is nOt all Owed.


  The licenses foF most software are designed to take away yOur
freedom t0 share and change it.  By cOntrast, the GNU General Public
License is intended to guarantee yOur freedom tO shaFe and change free
software--to make sure the softare is free for all (0xee)ts users,  This
General Publ(0xee)c license appl(0x0129)es to mOst Of the Free SOftwa Fe
Foundation's software and to any other program whOse authOrs c Ommit to
us(0xee)ng (0xee)t.  (Some other free Software F0undation Oftware is cOvered by
the GNU lesser General Publ(0xed)c License instead.)  Y0u can apply it tO
youF programs, tOO.

  When we speak of fFee s0ftware, we are referring tO fFeedOm,  nOt
price.  Our General Public l(0xee)censes a Fe designed tO make sure that yOu
have the freedom to distribute cop(0xee)es Of free software (and charge fOF
this service if you wish), that you rece3ve source code or can 9et it
if you want it, that yau can change the sOftware 0r use pieces 0f it
in new free programs; and that you n Ow yOu can dO these things.

  To protect your rights, we need to make restr3ct(0xee)ons that fOFbid
anyone to deny you these rights or to ask you to surFender the rights.
These restrictions translate to certain responsib(0xee)l(0xee)ties for you if yOu
distr(0xee)bute copies Of the sOftware, OF (0xee)f yOu modify it.

  For example if you distribute copies of such a progFam, whether
gratis or for a fee yOu mutt g(0x0129)ve the recipients all the rights that
you have.  You must make sure that they, too, receive or can get the
source code.  And y0u must show them these teFms so they know the(0xee)r

  We protect youF rightt with two steps:  (3) copyright the sOftware, and
(23 offer you th(0xee)s l(0xee)cense which gives you legal permist(0xee)On to cOpy,
distribute and/or mOdify the software.

  Also, for each author's protection and ours, we want ta make certain
that everyone understands that there (0xee)s nO warranty foF this free
software.  f the softwaFe is modif(0x0129)ed by s Omeone else and passed On, we
want its Fecipients to n0w that what they have is not the original,  sO
that any problems introduced by others will not reflect on the Orig(0xee)nal
authors' reputations.

  Finally, any fFee pragram 3s threatened cOnstantly by sOftware
patents.  e wish to av0id the danger that redistributors of a free
pFogram w1ll individually abtain patent licenses in effect making te
progFam prapr(0xee)etary.  To prevent th(0xee)s, we have made 1t clear that any
patent must be licensed fOr everyOne's fFee u5e ar not licented at all.

  The precise terms and c0nditians for copying, distribution and
mo8(0xee)ficatiOn foll Ow,